The Live Chat Revolution

Businesswoman using laptop Maintaining a good communication base with customers and clients is vital for any online or offline business. But this can be a hard task in today’s modern business environment where many of your customers can be a world away. Until only recently, it was almost impossible for any one to one communication with customers.  However, that was until the advent of the latest and greatest online chat software.

The main benefit of installing live support software onto your website is that it provides you with one on one communication with your business associates without the hassle of telephones or email.  Emails are great as long as they are instantaneous and you always get a reply back, which is hardly ever the case.  Not to mention the mistakes that is all too common in sending emails back and forth.

Because of the mass amounts of scam and junk mail the average person receives, it is not altogether unlikely that one might end up erasing something they valuably need.  Or altogether overlook an important email that might be hiding in the junk folder.  Because of reasons like these, it is no surprise modern companies have traded over their email services for high tech instant messaging software capable through live chat. It has been widely noticeable that live support software such as the one provided by has rapidly caught the attention of many business entities nowadays. With the help of live chat support software, it is possible to have live interaction with customers, along with 24 hour a day, 7 days a week service.

It is only with this software that it is possible for customers to get instant answers to questions and queries they may have that need instant clarification.  Sure all businesses have websites, but how many businesses can communicate instantly with their customers without the hectic and time consuming problems like installing a web cam or having some kind of live sales and support team.  This can be invaluable to a business where time and money mean everything.

Live chat support works on any server, has no software to install and can be used within minutes of embedding it into your website.  Not only does live chat support provide you with immediate communication between yourself and your company, but it also monitors your web traffic in real time.  It offers auto-greetings, pre-chat questionnaires, save transcripts along with many other features.

Online live support also offers you the choice in which software to choose from, either LiveChat or AutoChat.  LiveChat is the right option for websites that need live customer support as it connects the customers to representatives in real time through instant messaging.  AutoChat is an automated chat guide that functions 24/7 and is driven using a friendly avatar character that answers the questions from its online shoppers through a list of preset responses.  With this option you can save money on web personnel while providing consumers with the same instant sales help they need.

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